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Название фонда англ.Trigon Baltic Fund C
Название фонда рус.Тригон Балтийский Фонд С
Управляющая компанияTrigon Capital
Объект инвестицийАкции / Европа / Центральная и Восточная
Порог входа10 EUR
Годовая стоимость управления2%
Комиссия при покупке2%
Вознаграждение за успешное управление-
Страна регистрацииЭстония
Дата регистрации16.05.2005
Страны в которых представлен фондЭстония
Проспекты 19.02.2013

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Описание фонда
Trigon New Europe Growth Fund invests in listed small and mid-cap companies of the European Union new member states and accession countries. Investments are made into specific sectors and companies where the catch-up potential with the developed world is highest. The Fund's investment style is active management and stock-picking to identify attractively valued equities. Trigon's investment team visits the companies in which the Fund invests, with a preference toward undervalued stocks with solid growth and high dividend yield. An attractive company for Trigon is one with a competent and transparent management team, a strong market position in its sector, and most importantly, a company that can be purchased at an attractive price level.
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