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Название фонда англ.Trigon New Europe Fund A
Название фонда рус.Тригон Фонд Новая Европа A
Управляющая компанияTrigon Capital
Объект инвестицийАкции / Европа / Центральная и Восточная
Порог входа6,9 EUR
Годовая стоимость управления1,5%
Комиссия при покупке-
Вознаграждение за успешное управление-
Страна регистрацииЭстония
Дата регистрации11.04.2002
Страны в которых представлен фондЭстония
Оригинал Английский Русский
Полугодовой отчет 01.06.2012
Ежемесячный отчет31.05.2016 28.04.2017 31.03.2017
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Проспекты 19.02.2013

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Описание фонда
Trigon focuses on listed companied in the developing countries of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as select sectors in the Global Emerging Markets. We are a true stock-picker, paying special attention to small and medium-sized companies that offer exceptional growth opportunities or possess strong value elements combined with high dividend yields.

Many of our investee companies are not covered by analysts, and in their early stages are often overlooked by the investment community. We visit nearly all of our investee companies, applying a rigorous bottom-up selection process backed by in-house research and a top-down macro view.

Our team consists of investment professionals with extensive emerging markets experience their focus is on generating returns, not on following the herd.
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