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Название фонда англ.Trigon New Europe Fund C
Название фонда рус.Тригон Фонд Новая Европа C
Управляющая компанияTrigon Capital
Объект инвестицийАкции / Европа / Центральная и Восточная
Порог входа10 EUR
Годовая стоимость управления2%
Комиссия при покупке2%
Вознаграждение за успешное управление-
Страна регистрацииЭстония
Дата регистрации11.04.2002
Страны в которых представлен фондЭстония
Полугодовой отчет 01.06.2012
Проспекты 19.02.2013

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Trigon New Europe Value Fund invests in listed equity securities of European Union new member states and accession countries. The Fund focuses on lower volatility investments in Poland, the Baltic countries, and the Czech Republic, and invests a smaller part of its assets into Croatia, Romania, and Hungary. The Fund received a Morningstar 5 Star rating based upon performance over the past three years. The Fund includes 20-25 thoroughly researched companies, and the portfolio paid an average dividend yield of 5.0% in 2010.The Fund's investment style is value investing, with active management and stock-picking used to identify attractively-valued equities. Trigon's investment team visits the companies in which we invest, with a preference toward undervalued stocks with solid growth and good dividend yield.
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